Gibbsboro, NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

For over 3 decades, Attorney Mitchell Lee Goldfield has been successfully helping injured people seek justice through the civil court system. Because he only practices in personal injury law, he is able to give every case the focus and attention it deserves.

Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Personal Injury Attorney Mitchell Lee Goldfield helps deserving people in both states. If you think you may have a claim against someone who injured you or a loved one, he welcomes your call at The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Goldfield.

Automobile Accidents

Most people are in an automobile accident at some point in their lives. Hopefully, you are never injured in one.  But if you are, you will be dealing with medical bills, automobile repairs, time off from work and other issues.

You will likely also hear from the other driver’s insurance company, as they try to talk you into agreeing to a settlement for all your injuries. They don’t have your best interests in mind and are trying to save money for their clients, so you should at least consult a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer before agreeing to anything.

Slip and Fall Cases

Everyone is responsible for maintaining their property so it is safe for other people. For instance, if you spill a lot of liquid, you should mop it up as quickly as possible to make sure no one slips on it and gets injured.

When people shirk their duties and other people get hurt, they owe the injured a duty of care. They need to pay medical bills and whatever other expenses they caused to make it right.

Other Causes of Injuries

Many situations can lead to injuries, including pedestrian and bicycle accidents, swimming pool mishaps and many other kinds of accidents.

Sometimes you are injured because someone deliberately acted in a way knowing it would harm you. Not only can you recover for all regular damages, but you may be able to receive more because the person committed harm purposely.

There are even accidents where there is no one to blame. Much of the time, though, there is a clear reason for the damages and a person who can be blame. In those cases, you deserve justice. If you or a loved one have been injured and don’t know what to do next, you can call Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Goldfield today.

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