Mitchell Lee Goldfield

Gibbsboro, NJ Personal Injury Attorney

For 33 years, Personal Injury Attorney Mitchell Goldfield has been successfully helping clients in and around his New Jersey area, specializing in personal injury accidents and claims. After he earned his Juris Doctor from Temple University in 1984, Attorney Mitchell Goldfield passed the bar for two different states. He is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which means that he has knowledge and skills dealing with multiple jurisdictions.

Active in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Bar Associations, Attorney Mitchell Goldfield is well respected in the legal community. He has been operating his own practice, The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Goldfield, since 2008.

Focus on Personal Injury

Because he handles almost exclusively personal injury cases, Gibbsboro Attorney Mitchell Goldfield can focus his resources on personal injury practice. He spends his time dealing with the same kinds of problems so that he will know this area intimately. When laws change, he adds the new knowledge to his database so that he can use it to your advantage.

Personal injury cases can take a long time to settle or litigate, but Gibbsboro Personal Injury Attorney Mitchell Goldfield never loses sight of the end. He wants to fight for the best result in every case, no matter how big or small it may seem. The mission at his firm is that they are dedicated to fighting to get you what you deserve.

A Personal Injury Attorney who Thinks your Case is Important

Your case may settle, if the other party or parties are willing to be fair. But Attorney Mitchell Goldfield is unafraid to go to trial, and you can be assured he will take your case to a jury if that is what you need. He will fight as hard for you as if it was his own case.

When Personal Injury Attorney Mitchell Goldfield is on your side, you know that your case will not sit on the back burner. He keeps in constant contact with his clients so that he can provide them with any updates on their cases. He also makes sure you understand what is going on, as the legal system can be confusing.

When it comes to personal injury claims, there are very strict time limits as to when you can file.  If you think you have a personal injury claim, call The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Goldfield today.

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