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Mitchell Lee Goldfield has specialized in personal injury accidents and claims for over 33 years. He opened his own firm in 1987, and it is dedicated to getting every client what they deserve. He cares about every client, and tries to get the best result in every case.

Attorney Mitchell Lee Goldfield is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so he can assist with cases in either state. He understands the difficulty people have deciding whether to hire a Personal Injury attorney. You may not be sure if you have a case, or if it is worth fighting for.

Personal Injury Cases

Under the law, those who cause harm to someone else owe that person for all the harm. This is true whether the harm was intentional or because of negligence.

Most personal injury cases are because of negligence. Someone may have run a red light, or left water on the floor of a business which created a hazard. If anyone is injured because of those negligent acts, the person responsible is required to make that person whole again.

What you can collect with a Personal Injury Claim

Of course, you should ask to be reimbursed for any medical expenses in a personal injury case. But you probably have many other expenses which are owed to you.

You may have missed work because of your accident, or had to hire a rental car. You can also sue for pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. Gibbsboro Personal Injury Attorney Mitchell Lee Goldfield will help you evaluate your case to see if you believe it is worth pursuing.

Settlement Offers

You may have already received a settlement offer. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before you accept any settlement offer. The insurance company or attorney making the offer to you is probably trying to settle for the least amount possible.

Any person or business is trying to save money. You aren’t required to accept an unfair offer, and the Court will not hold it against you later if you choose to meet with an attorney before settling your claim.

How much does an Attorney Cost?

Personal injury attorneys can work for a percentage of your claim, so that you don’t have to pay right away to get help.

If you have any questions, call The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Goldfield today.

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